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Hikaru the Sun Slayer

The shooting tournament of Takagi province gathered various archers from many noble families. Though, one of the participants clearly stood out from the others. And his very presence annoyed everyone.

Some were offended by the fact that the upstart was of absolutely no noble origin, he performed with a homemade bow, in simple clothes and even without the coat of arms of a nobleman.
Others found it offensive that foxes were taking part in the tournament of the province, almost entirely owned by the alliance of ogres and goblins.

Finally, the best of the best faced each other in the finals. Goblin Rin, the son of a prince, was under the flag that showed the sun rising over the mountains. Sisters Maro and Moru, a two-headed ogre from the Shimizu family, was flying the flag with seven auspicious clouds. And also this same upstart fox.
“Commoner Hikaru greets the prince.” The third archer bowed and stuck a stick without a flag next to him.

The prince winced and signalled with his hand.

Everyone except Hikaru fired three shots at the targets, and the prince looked at the fox who hasn’t made his shots with undisguised irritation. Hikaru bowed again and fired two arrows in turn. Each of them split the arrows of the other participants’ best hits in half.
“How dare you?” The enraged prince jumped up from his place on the podium. “A creature that does not know the laws! You used magic!”
“No, I didn’t,” the shooter bowed deeply to the prince as if he had not thought of offending anyone with his actions. “From an early age, I was creating bows for noble gentlemen, training with each of them to hone my skills. To prove my sincerity, I will hit any target you point.”

“Any?” The old goblin grinned as he thought this fox was apparently sent to the tournament by one of his old opponents (obviously, in the hope that the commoner will be executed for a “stupid provocation”, and then somebody would stand up for the innocent). But that fox has just given himself up for reprisal, and noble guests could confirm it, so the prince was pretty confident. “Well, archer, hit the sun itself! Then I will believe your words.”

Hikaru bowed once more and shot down the flag above the prince’s podium. Thus, the War of the Three Arrows has begun.