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Plague, rats and knights

Meet new miniatures of undead and monsters!

All infected gather under the banner of Plague God. They used to be brave and proud warriors, but now they stuck between life and death, wallowed in eternal torture. Alive. undead, evil spirits and contorted monsters, they all are mortal instruments now. They bear the mark of Plague like a sigil, and the moan of despair is their battle cry. Castle walls and armies can stand the steel, fire, and magic, but they cannot stop the plague. The ruthless god continues the conquest on the backs of rats and swords of infected.

Legends of Signum
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“Plague, Rats and Knights”

These warriors forgot who they were and what they were fighting for before. Agents of Plague God claim all, even the purest of heart. Now, alive or dead, the infected serve their new master and fight for him against those who they used to defend or even love. They die of plague, they spread plague, they are Plague.

Plague Riders

Pale riders of Plague God ride decaying horses, covered by darkness. They bring the plague to peaceful towns and villages all over Signum. Soon the Plague Herald will blow his horn and the world will be filled with cries of pain and despair.

Plague Wyvern

Dragons and wyverns are hardy creatures largely invulnerable to magic and poisons, but even they still fall victim to the plague. The Plague God cackles as these mighty beasts are brought to heel. By his will, the plague wyvern rises to the sky, putrefying the air and the realm of the gods.

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