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The Wolfenmarines are already landing

Meet new miniatures!

The endless depths of space hide worlds beyond imagination. Unpredictable journeys through the warp can throw you into the heart of a battle that has been raging for so long, that no one remembers how it all began. Countless races answer this call to conflict.

Among them stand the Wolfenmarine, who boldly declare that war existed at the dawn of time.

Who are these Wolfenmarines?

They are a newly emerged faction of space warriors, traversing through space in search of battle and glory. These fierce, futuristic (and fanged!) space knights strike fear into the hearts of all who face them among the stars. With their deadly weapons, fearsome look and ferocious demeanour, the Wolfenmarines are a dangerous force in the grim darkness of the distant future.
Stay tuned for further additions to this formidable warband!

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