Loyalty Shop

How do I earn Loyalty Points?

Each time you make a purchase a portion of your payment gets added as loyalty points. You can also gain points by completing other actions, such as referrals, reviews, and much more.
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Is there a Shipping Fee?

If you have already placed a regular order and it’s pending shipment, you may choose to “Add Loyalty Items to an Existing Order” during checkout and we’ll consolidate the order into 1 shipment for you. No additional shipping fees will be charged in this case.

Otherwise, the shipping invoice will be issued once your order has been verified and processed.

I am unable to "Add to Cart" or complete my "Checkout".

Please make sure that your cart doesn’t contain a combination of Loyalty as well as Non-Loyalty products. If you wish to acquire limited miniatures along with placing a regular order, please make 2 separate orders (Regular + Loyalty Order).