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Umbra, Illuminati Agent

Umbra. The Shadow. The girl accepted the name with gratitude. It did not matter what she was called before. Emrys himself gifted her with a new name, fitting for her destiny. Umbra took a capsule of poison from her pocket. In the rays of the dusking suns, its contents glimmered with a crimson-ruby hue. Just a drop in the sacred well. The girl disappeared in the shadows, her work complete. Not a single soul noticed her presence, meaning their amount will decrease.

– I thought you were supposed to stop the heretics’ ritual from happening? – Cardinal Lavuan walked up to the seemingly bored girl in the garden near the temple of the One Church.

– Ah, your holiness, the ceremony was disrupted before it even began.

– What is this? You are laughing? These accursed servants of Aria are already commencing with their unholy communion!

– Your holiness, please just watch.

The cardinal frowned, and turned from the illuminati agent. Two suns slowly crawled across the horizon. The ceremony was reaching its conclusion. the followers of the cult of Aria started to leave the temple. Lavuan turned to the girl with a look of disgust on his face.

– This is a failure. Punishment awaits you.

– Please be patient, your holiness.

The cardinal’s face turned bright with color. He took a deep breath, about to crush all his righteous fury down upon the arrogant girl, but a scream erupted from the side of the temple. Lavuan quickly turned to the sound. An old woman was the one screaming. One of the first who accepted communion. Her skin was rapidly being covered in blisters. in a moment, more screams joined her. A wave of agony overwhelmed Aria’s flock. A few seconds of contemplation was enough for the cardinal to gather his thoughts.

– Can the poison be traced? – Only Umbra could hear his voice.

– No, your holiness. It is not a poison in the traditional sense. Moreso a disease.
Cardinal Lavuan nodded. That was all he needed to know.

– People of the Holy Empire! – He cried out. – There it is, the true face of Aria’s gift! She brings not healing, but death and pain!

The mortal servant of Emrys made sure that the apostates were punished, and stepped back into the shadow. She could only pray that His Holiness Lavuan was able to lit up a fire of hatred from that spark, which will cleanse those who question the true faith.