Signum Games introduces a brand new campaign to be released on Kickstarter very soon. Fantasy Commander will not only be a new fantasy wargame with a great story inside but will also expand our range presenting a new miniature scale we never had before. The game combines the best from classical fantasy wargames and high-quality resin 20mm miniatures.


  • 1
    Single-Player Narrative Mode
  • 1-4 players1
    Two Players Duel
    Four Players Clash
  • resin mini
    Only High-Quality Resin Miniatures
  • hex
    Epic Fantasy Wargame with Hexagonal Battlefield

Fantasy Commander is a strategic board game with highly detailed resin miniatures at a scale of 1:72 (20mm) developed by Signum Games. Take part in an epic showdown in the Signum world, where the glorified heroes bring their armies of fantasy creatures to the battlefield and unleash a real war out there.

Although the game is basically designed as a two-player duel game, you can involve even more players in additional game modes, as well as test yourself in a single-player Narrative Campaign, where you can easily master basic game rules.

Fantasy Commander presents an unusual combat mechanic that allows the players to make decisions and manage their armies on the battlefield almost simultaneously. Now there’s no need to waste your time waiting for your opponent to pass their turn. Act quickly and decisively as every step you make can either bring yourself closer to victory or ruin everything you were fighting for.

As the new game begins, you can entirely change your army and use various combinations of advantage cards of your faction. Then during the fight, you can adjust your strategy and influence terrains, changing and destroying them at your discretion.

Single-Player Narrative Campaign is a game mode that fits the true heroes, those who aren’t afraid to challenge fate and start a long and fascinating journey, full of danger. You will have to strengthen and improve your settlement to repel the enemy raids as you become a part of the story with several scenarios related to each other.