For people who collect resin cast tabletop miniatures, Signum Games got you covered. This fantasy miniatures shop has a wide array of premium products that are made of premium-grade resin materials.

Here’s a glimpse of the Signum universe and the amazing Legends of Signum gameplay sets:

Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor

This unique board game was Signum’s first successful Kickstarter Campaign featuring the Holy Grypharim Empire and the Free City of Vallor. It comes with 22 pieces of 32mm myth miniatures resin characters like Roland the Proud, the Marshall Protector of the Empire, and Brissa de Molforn, the Beast Mistress from the Free City of Vallor. Also included in the core box are various support, terrain, and building cards, terrain templates, tokens, special rules, Signum Game dice, and a rule book.

This immersive game allows you to lead fantasy creatures and take part in epic battles against the other players. It can be played by 2 to 4 players within 30-90 minutes.

Dragon Hunters

Dragon Hunters is the next expansion of the Signum universe. The starter core box comes with three exquisite 32mm resin miniature hunter heroes and one huge dragon figure that will be the focal point of the adventure, while game add-ons include three additional heroes that can replace basic hunters in the game. Along with the role play miniatures, there are 40 cards for each of the opposing sides, 40 special solo mode cards, more than 100 tokens, six dragon cave templates, a large paper battlefield, special dice, game rules reference sheet, and a rule book. Moreover, the game box does include eight character cards and miniatures that you can also use in other games of Legends of Signum.

“Dragon Hunters” presents their players with three game modes – solo mode, player-vs-player duel mode, and cooperative “hunters vs. dragon” mode. Each of these game variations is going to test your wit, coordination, and survival skills, whether you try to hunt the Dragon down by playing as hunters or chase the reckless heroes while controlling the Dragon itself.

The Cursed Forest

Cursed Forest is another gripping expansion of Legends of Signum. This latest addition to the popular fantasy wargame that features RPG mini-figures allows the players to use the previously available factions along with the updated rules modifications, new mechanics, two new factions, as well as new game modes that introduce Signum inhabitants a brand new gaming experience.

This tabletop skirmish board game tells the story of the Alliance of Wolfens and Forest Elves to confront the Akkari Elves. The Akkari are spider-like mutated creatures with terrifying paws that live in dark woven webs and nests. You have the option to purchase the Cursed Forest Advanced Battle Set with over 185 components or go for the Cursed Forest All-In Battle Set with lots of fantasy resin cast tabletop miniatures inside.

Fantasy Commander

This campaign tells the story after the great Battle for Vallor when the Holy Grypharim Empire is set to prevent the invasion threat of the army of zombies and demons. This is an upcoming addition to the family of Signum wargames. In Fantasy Commander you will see a brand new appearance of Characters for our games as a lot of new myth miniatures resin characters are being produced for this wargame. Especially for this game, the Signum Games team decided to implement a brand new scale of the miniatures – 20mm, and also the game battlefield changes from their traditional “full freedom of movement” type to the one with a hexagonal grid that will bring a new exciting feeling of tactical battles to our games.

How to buy miniatures only?

You can avail of any of the fantasy miniatures for sale once the board games are launched in public, along with the sets, game accessories, and a lot more. Once the brand new game comes out, Signum Games make all the game products available for individual purchase for those who don’t want to obtain the complete game box. They also ship anywhere in the world, so collecting the exquisite resin cast tabletop miniatures is a breeze. You can easily place an order in their online shop to get hold of high-quality resin miniatures.

So, start collecting paintable miniatures for sale now and enjoy the fascinating mythical creatures in the Signum universe.

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Legends of Signum All-In Box โ€œGuild of Black Sakuraโ€

Earn 199.00 Reward Points

Legends of Signum Starter Box โ€œGuild of Black Sakuraโ€

Earn 79.00 Reward Points


Earn 28.00 Reward Points

Kazuki, Herald of the Plague

Earn 14.50 Reward Points

Masaru, the Poisonous Arrow

Earn 16.00 Reward Points

Masaru, the Noble Warrior

Earn 16.00 Reward Points

Masaru, Lord’s Last Warrior

Earn 16.00 Reward Points

Warriors of the League

Earn 18.50 Reward Points

Michelle Gazzini, Plague Doctor

Earn 11.00 Reward Points

Bartolo the Plague Reaper

Earn 15.00 Reward Points

Legends of Signum Starter Box “League of Plague Doctors”

Earn 68.50 Reward Points

The Plague Rats

Earn 25.50 Reward Points

Lucrezia the Rat Doctor

Earn 12.50 Reward Points

Dr. Sulfide, the Pus Collector

Earn 12.50 Reward Points

Enrico Dziani, Dr. Mosquito

Earn 15.00 Reward Points

Bianca Moreau, Countess of the Plague

Earn 12.50 Reward Points

Rea-t-Shass, the Steam Healer

Earn 20.00 Reward Points

Agnello Cornaro, the Plague Angel

Earn 15.00 Reward Points

Dominiko, the Quarantine Guard

Earn 16.00 Reward Points

Sebastiano Riario, Mentor of the Lodge

Earn 12.50 Reward Points

Plague Swarm

Earn 9.50 Reward Points