The Guild of
Monster Hunters
The Guild of Monster Hunters

The Full Moon draws near and the hunt is about to begin!

The Full Moon draws near and the hunt is about to begin!

Official Decree

By the order of our gracious Barons, to assist in our Baronies’ efforts, to purge the filth roaming our lands, that has caused much death and calamity to their beloved subjects, a decree has been issued to cover… up to 50% of any Mercenary or Guild of Monster Hunters purchase.

Ancient forces awaken

Dark, seductive sorceresses conjuring spells of unimaginable might from the tips of their fingers. Die-hard cutthroat bandits that have mercilessly robbed and killed more fat merchants than you can count. In this age of darkness, you may need all the help you can get!

Lend me their strength!

We are glad to announce a new, truly magical group of miniatures. For centuries the mages have accumulated arcane lore. So long as you had mastered the arcane arts, your race, your strength, even the way you dress were deemed irrelevant. But these sorceresses take a step further. They believe that all available means must be used to achieve victory. They not only use powerful spells but their enchanting beauty to gain an advantage over their opponent.


A good adventure is impossible without good opponents! And this band of brigands faced countless foes! In Signum, It’s not that easy to arrange a roadside ambush – after all, the caravan could be guarded by strong beastmen, unpredictable mages, and immortal constructs. But this bunch robbed merchants from all over the world and protected its den from dragons, spriggans and even demons. And if you happen to be willing to part with a few extra coins… they might just join your side.

the age of sword and sorcery has come!

Leshy, the Forest Protector


This creature was created by the ancient forest sprits – conjured up from fallen trees, the bones of dead beasts, and the rusted steel of fools who ventured in too deep. It exists to protect the forest and in turn the forest protects it.


Ages ago Pontifex Inus founded the order of witch hunters, whose duty was to search and destroy any heretics and sorcerers in the lands of the Empire. But in the near future, newly formed order fell into disgrace. Several squads of highly trained witch and monster hunters fled the empire to escape trial. Once they got to the territories of the free baronies, they did the same things – hunted monsters for a reward.
As the fame of hunters fighting monsters spread, different adventures wanted to join their brotherhood. The imperial hunter culture mixed with a local one.


The time for legends has come! This is the time of wonders and treachery, poetry and battles. Many paths converge into one long road full of danger. Ancient monsters believe they are the only owners of local forests and fields. Daring robbers are ready to get into a fight any time as they’re seeking easy money. While cunning sorceresses strive for power at any cost. This is going to be a long journey. Let’s see what awaits the monster hunters on the next bend in this road…