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Dominiko, the Quarantine Guard

Thousands of rats descended upon an ancient corridor. A continuous wave of squeaking creatures almost knocked over the Wolfen, so Dominiko swung his scythe, and the rat blood splashed the floor. Struggling to stay upright, he swung the scythe once again. The giant mechanical throne, driven by a huge wave of rats, was slowly moving towards the Wolfen. Dominiko raised his scythe, but eventually, this flow managed to knock him down.  He roared and tried to get out of this, but as soon as he attempted to reach his scythe that recently slipped out of his hands, a giant shadow hung over Dominiko. The throne was slowly descending on him blocking his field of vision, though he somehow managed to pick up his weapon.

Scream. Sound of the blade. The automaton-orderly easily blocked a blow of a giant scythe. Lying in bed, Wolfen was breathing fast and heavily.
“You almost cut me in half. Thank God, the machine was close,” a hoarse voice of the old snake Rea-t-Shass tried to calm down the Wolfen. “Every night you’re going through that expedition. Maybe we should put that scythe away before you killed somebody?”

“No way!” Dominiko roared, “I’ll keep it by my bed.”

“I had no doubt.” Rea-t-Shass smiled and raised his hands as a conciliatory gesture, but in a few seconds, his gaze became more serious. “Can you walk?”
“I’m still… getting used to it.” Dominiko looked at his mechanical legs.
“Too bad. We immediately have to leave Vallor.”
“What?” Dominiko jumped out of bed, leaning on his scythe as if a staff.
“It’s Thibaut with alchemists, they are going to outlaw us. Agnello and I paid for guides who will lead us through the catacombs. I mean, I’d understand if you… ”
“I’ll go with you!” The Wolfen stood up and no longer leaned on his scythe as he held it in both hands like a weapon ready to strike. “I’m sure I will walk to the catacombs… and yet… if I see that cursed demon there – I will tear him apart, so his rats would have to sew new legs for him.”

With pain on his face, Dominiko headed to the entrance, uttering a weird sharp roar. The Ophidian was surprised when he realized the Wolfen was just laughing at him.

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