Tribe of Tide

The Tribe of Tide, one of the oldest peoples of the Signum, has lived for centuries away from other nations and their conflicts. The amphibious people grazed fish, tamed crabs, and revered the spirits of the Ocean.
But the Ulmie Empire, pirates and followers of the Dark Forces deprived the tribe of their home and forced them to seek shelter on foreign shores.
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But even if all other nations consider them monsters or savages, the Tribe of Tide are not fools. Let the enemies underestimate them.
No more tribe will run away! They will protect their new home.
Meet the new Tribe of Tide faction!

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Warrios of Tide

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Elusive scouts and fearless warriors – once all members of the Tribe of Tide were just hunters and shepherds.
They were forced to leave their native depths and win a new home for their relatives and friends.
At first glance, they are just cruel savages. But those who get to know the tribe closer will recognize them from a completely different side.

Keepers of the Depths

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Their tentacles are strong, their scales are hard and their blades are sharp.
Spirit-blessed warriors may seem like monsters to strangers.
But for their native tribe, they are heroes and defenders.
The blessing of the ocean flows in the veins of every Keeper of the Depths.

Legends of Signum Starter Box “Tribe of Tide”

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The shaman turned to the spirits to save his tribe.
And the great and eternal Ocean itself answered his prayers!
Everyone thinks the Tribe of Tide are savages because they use primitive weapons, but they just live in harmony with nature.
And with such a powerful ally, no one will defeat them.
Lead the Tribe of Tide and fight the nations of Signum for the survival of the tribe and its future.