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Lanadis, Princess of the Abyss

– Yes, what the hell?! Why did I pay for wine like last week, but got sour yuck, which costs several times cheaper? – The young tiefling made a disgusted grimace and threw the mug at his own shield, which stood against the wall of the brothel. The red trickles running down the shield reminded him of that beautiful night of sweet pain that the half-breed demon had spent in a particular establishment a couple of days ago. His spirits lifted for a moment, then sank again as he looked at the bottles on the bar.

– Politics, my friend, it’s all politics. – The second half-demon collapsed on the sofa, girls with curvaceous forms, a brunette and a redhead, pressed against him on both sides. – Our kind parents decided that this dirty Styx was not enough for them, climbed into neighboring lands, little people and other mortals fussed, prices rose. Mark my words, soon for the money that you gave today for wine, you won’t even buy donkey urine.

– Still, it’s better than with precious parents. – The third visitor, or rather, the third lady visitor to the brothel, a tiefling woman with a small dragon on her shoulder lazily pulled the strings of a violin. Her friend, also a tiefling woman, took a sip of wine. – Do you remember how they treated us?

– Yes, forget it here, how … – The tiefling, complaining about the wine, absently scratched his back under the scabbard with a huge sword. – Other people treat dogs better.

For a moment there was silence in the brothel hall. Each of the half-demons recalled the reasons why the tieflings rebelled against parental oppression, scratched old scars and recalled all those streams of insults that older demons poured out over the years on “inferior” children.

– So, what is next? – The tiefling sitting on the sofa gently stopped the girl’s hand, which had already begun to unfasten his belt, leaned forward and looked at each of the brethren in turn. – Prices are rising, music, wine and sensual pleasures are becoming less in Signum, pain and suffering are more. And no, not the pain that we like, I see your smiles. Just look, the world will collapse into an abyss, and what should we do then?

– Run away farther from Styx and hope that it will carry over? – The tiefling woman with the dragon handed the violin to her friend. She moved away from the speakers, to the corner of the room, and began to play a slow, sad melody.

– At the risk of falling into the clutches of the damned churchmen? Well, no, little sister, I’m tired of running.

– Maybe…

The half-demon was not allowed to finish, the door burst open with a bang and a demon entered it. A muscular, horned monster that reeked of adrenaline, testosterone, and death.

– Hey, you dirty-blooded brats! Why are you sitting here on soft pillows, sitting out your asses?! Have fun with people! You have completely lost your shame, now I will teach you how a real demon should behave!

The tieflings, who liked to brandish weapons only in duels and tournaments, looked at each other in bewilderment. No one wanted to become like bloodthirsty parents, but it was somehow unsafe to argue with a horned killing machine.

– HA! Yes, you, I see, are not only sissies, but also deaf. Well…

The demon could not continue, because a thin but deep cut appeared on his neck, from which blood quickly began to flow. And from behind him came the same tiefling with a violin, shaking the blood from the bow. The violin in her hands suddenly became a deadly weapon, and before the demon had time to swing, more and more cuts began to appear on his body. In the end, he collapsed on a lush carpet. The half-demoness squeamishly walked around him and stood in front of her astonished brethren.

– He was alone, everything is clear, – she said and lightly kicked the demon carcass.

The tiefling woman with the dragon didn’t look surprised. She affectionately tickled her pet with fire on her fingertip. The dragon growled in delight. Finally she spoke.

– So, my friends, something needs to be done about this. Either we are trying to somehow deal with Styx, or we will constantly run into this. – She looked around the crowd. – By the way, my name is Lanadis, but you can call me Princess of the Abyss.