Legendary Adventurers

Celebrated adventurers are ready to take on a new quest.  
Their exploits are legendary, their bond unbreakable, and their hearts filled with the spirit of adventure.

New models

Gorgonzilla, the Fat Dragon


Gogronzilla, a huge dragon, whose insatiable appetite extends beyond gold – it collects a huge amount of not only jewelry, but also snacks! His stomach is as huge as the treasury.
Advanets who dare to get into his lair can only wish you good luck. Gogronzilla likes when the food comes to him.
A greedy dragon will not release a single treasury from his paws!

Dungeon Explorers set


Across the mystical landscapes of the fantasy realms a fearless squad stride forward. Their shields raised and swords gleaming with divine light. Party of warriors, druids and rogues work together for thrills, profit and justice
They are a formidable force against any foe that dares cross their path.

Pack includes

Hobgoblin Rogue Gang


A warband of hobgoblins is ready to ambush the heroes. Their old weapons and armor have seen many battles. Once, these items belonged to wanderers who underestimated the danger of the absurd green-skinned creatures. Hobgoblins enjoy being underestimated.

Pack includes

Valiant Adventurers set


It’s impossible to stand still when the call of adventure is heard. A squad of adventurers meets every twist of fate with a flame in their hearts. Their bold battle cries will make the heavens tremble.

Pack includes

Mighty Owlbear


Feral and untamed Owlbear embodies the raw power of the wilderness. Its fur is matted with the blood of its prey, a testament to its ferocity.

Furious Owlbear


The furious owlbear is a force of nature unbridled.
Its roar is a thunderous declaration of untamed fury, echoing through the forest. With feathers bristling and talons outstretched, it strikes terror into the hearts of all who cross its path.

Adventurers set


This party of adventurers is a diverse and unwavering team, bound by courage and a shared purpose. They have weathered storms, faced monsters, and conquered dungeons, emerging as a stronger than ever. The whole world is their map for exploration and a realm of endless possibilities.

Pack includes

Evil Mimic Set


Treasure seekers, beware! The monsters in this cursed vault are known to devour the greedy advanturers.
The mimic chests are cursed guardians of forgotten treasures, forever awaiting the next hapless soul to fall into their trap.

Pack includes