30 – 90 Minutes

1-4 Players
Starter Core Box

Dragon Hunters


Dragon Hunters is a new Board Game by Signum Games studios. Follow three brave heroes (or burn them alive!) as they dare to venture into a dragon’s lair to steal its precious treasure! Teamwork, drama, deceit, spectacular battles and gruesome fiery death all await you in this 1-4 player mode miniature board game.

So what are you waiting for? Let the battle commence.

Multiple Game Modes


Unique solo mode where a specially designed Android app controls the dragon’s actions for you. With 3 difficulty settings to choose from, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to test your might and mettle against this formidable opponent


Face off in a brutal player versus player duel where one of you guides 3 adventurers into robbing or slaying the dragon, while the other assumes the role of the dragon itself. Feel the tension rise as you test each other’s wits, set devious traps and fight for your lives to determine the true master of the lair.


Call more friends to play as a three vs one player co-op, where your ability to coordinate your actions and quickly come to an agreement will be critical if you ever want to even stand a chance against the master of the lair, who will likely not be standing idly as you pillage his treasure.


The core box comes with 4 beautifully crafted miniatures, including 3 completely different and unique heroes and an enormous dragon that’s bound to stir your imagination. With professional designers putting their heart and soul into every detail and high-quality resin making this possible, our exquisitely detailed miniatures are bound to be a joy for any collector, painter, or boardgame fan!

What's Inside?

The Dragon Hunters Starter Core Box opens a blood-stirring adventure in the world of Signum, where three great dragon hunters battle for their lives and unspeakable treasure against an ancient, ferocious dragon. Which side you choose and who wins depends on the players’ choices, for every move can be either a step closer to unfathomable riches or gruesome bloody death. The Core box includes 3 beautiful, amazingly detailed miniatures of the heroes and a staggering, huge miniature of the dragon Paraxis. This comes with 40 cards for the hunters and dragon each, as well as 40 special cards for solo mode, making sure you’ve not bored even alone. You will also find a large paper battlefield, 6 dragon cave templates which can be placed at the player’s discretion, making each game a fresh tactical challenge, as well as a rulebook, reference sheet, special Signum Games game rulers and dice, over 100 various tokens for the game and more! Fans of Legends of Signum will also be thrilled to find that the game comes with 8 character cards which can be used in Legends of Signum as well.

1 Resin miniature of the Paraxis the Scarlet Dragon
3 Resin miniatures of Hunters
8 "Dragon Hunters" Character Cards
40 Dragon Battle Deck Cards and 40 Hunters Battle Deck Cards
Paper Back Rule Book
Paper Battlefield 60×60 cm
Quick Rules Reference Sheet
100+ Tokens of wounds, armour, prosperety, strength, as well as stealth.
4 Signum Game Rulers and 6 Signum Game Dice
6 Dragon Cave Templates
40 Solo Mode Battle Deck Cards
8 "Legends of Signum" Character Cards and 3 Dragon Whelp Cards + Mercenary Cards (For Legends of Signum)
Dragon Whelps tokens
  • 1 Resin miniature of the Paraxis the Scarlet Dragon
  • 3 Resin miniatures of Hunters
  • 8 “Dragon Hunters” & "Legends of Signum" Character Cards
  • 3 Dragon Whelp Cards + Mercenary Cards (For Legends of Signum)
  • 40 Dragon Battle Deck Cards
  • 40 Hunters Battle Deck Cards
  • 40 Solo Mode Battle Deck Cards
  • 100+ Tokens of Dragon Whelps, wounds, armour, prosperety, strength, as well as stealth.
  • 6 Dragon Cave Templates.
  • 6 Signum Game Dice
  • 4 Signum Game Rulers
  • Quick Rules Reference Sheet
  • Paper Battlefield 60×60 cm
  • Paper Back Rule Book


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