Blackmarsh Horde
Heading layer

When old men die and the weak perish from disease…
When the young barely make it to adulthood…
When every day is a fight for survival with no reprieve…

Desperation chokes your throat, leaving you to beg for a gasp of air.
In their desperation, the orcs of the great swamps submitted to a new dark, yet unimaginably powerful entity from Styx.
Power and lands were promised to them in abundance.

Finally united, the name Gargal now echoes across their tribes.
But will this unholy alliance truly bring the prosperity and power they seek? Or will it be their final doom?

The Blackmarsh Ladies

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The Blackmarsh orcs have been fighting for as long as anyone can remember. A military society through and through, their women have never been shy of combat, fighting alongside men as equals. Now united, they are stronger than ever. Their shamans fuel their warriors’ rage in combat with dark incantations and inspire their brethren with their dark, exotic, untamed beauty. But woe to any fool who dares stand in the way of their warriors, for it is known that an orc woman in rage can easily cleave off the head of any man, showing no mercy or remorse.

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Feel the heat of battle!

Shazarg, the Dark Ritual

Earn 37.50 Reward Points

Rizar, the Swamp Lily

Earn 30.00 Reward Points

Mighty trolls and cyclops – the main combat power of the Horde

Legends of Signum Starter Box “Blackmarsh Horde”

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The Great Shaman united these bloodthirsty savages into an invincible horde.
Fearless orcs and agile hobgoblins will make all the peoples of Signum tremble with fear.
This is your chance to lead the Dark Forces invasion!
Buy a starter box and get everything you need to fight on the battlefields of “Legends of Signum”.
Here you will find hero and character miniatures, as well as support cards for this new faction.

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Horde riders have tamed fast and bloodthirsty varantors