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New Chapter of Ophidian Alliance

It’s been a while since we introduced Ophidian Alliance to our game. The faction has managed to conquer players’ hearts since then. But the game keeps growing and changing, and now it’s time to add something new. We decided to enrich Alliance by bringing draconids into it. They are mighty creatures with wings, but they differ from other ophidians.

The basic idea was that both draconids and ophidians descend from one common ancestor — Dragon of Chaos Vortirus. This gave us an opportunity to enrich the game with new stories and inner conflicts. The main difference of the draconids is that they use more of a strength, not cunning. It can make the relationships inside the fraction more variable and add some new strategies to the game.

In order to introduce draconids, we spent some time working on their history, as well as the gameplay mechanics. We wanted them to bring something new to the game. They became important participants in battles, thanks to their strength and ability of huge damage-making.

The critical hit has also been changed. For example, the green and purple dices will not have a critical hit, which is necessary to allow for flexibility in character customisation. These dices will also be used for additional effects, such as attacking from a hill. The red dice is a bit different, as it has absolutely no empty edges, and therefore you can not miss now. When throwing this dice, players can always count on a certain result, be it push, wounding or critical hit.

Wings are the draconids’ feature. Not every one of them can fly, but those who can get a special advantage. Also, wings serve as status symbols among the draconids, when decorated with jewelry and magic, and can be a mighty weapon in a fight.

We focused on making draconids a well-fitted part of the existing system of Ophidian Alliance. We emphasize on a concentration mechanics, which allows the draconids use their unique abilities, and by that we made them key figures on the battlefield.

Introducing draconids to Ophidian Alliance enriched the game world enormously and gave the players new strategies and challenges. We see ophidians as a fraction with ambitions of restorating their bygone power and dominance. We’re sure that new characters can only strengthen their position and help them achieve great goals. We expect our community to meet these changes with awe, and keep developing and enriching our game world together.

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The new heroes are ready to go to battle!

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