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Dragon warriors come!

Draconids are rare visitors outside the Sakhar Desert and the lands of the Ophidian Alliance. Born into their armor, their wings lift them into the heavens, where they look down on other species with contempt.  Men and beastmen are in awe of their power, mistaking them for true dragons. And their appetites are just as great as those of dragons, they are power hungry and seek their true place ruling all other factions. On dark nights, the draconids gather together, raising their wings to the heavens. One by one, they exhale flames, adding their power to the single Great Flame, which grows ever stronger until the heavens turn pale with terror. Forever honoring their ancestor, the Dragon of Chaos, creator of the world.

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Chimera Gurangagor

The three-headed chimera, an ancient beast known to roam the hot sands and ruins of ancient cities. A monster that inspires indescribable terror in its enemies and delight in its allies. Its head exhales fire, ice and lightning, its claws tear steel, and the teeth of the snakes on its tail drip deadly poison. As the chimera soars into the air, its wings cover enemy units with darkness, chills their soul and covers the ground in darkness. No one knows the origin of such an ancient creature, whether the Ophidian mages tamed them or created it in their laboratories.

Legends of Signum Starter Box “Obsidian talon”

The Draconids consider themselves the chosen rulers of the world of Signum. Their scales are as strong as the ancient dragons themselves, and their wings are ready to take to the air to pave the way to Glory. Every Draconid considers himself invincible. Only a truly outstanding personality can unite such warriors and lead them. Only a true hero will they recognize as their leader. Ryujin, Heart of the Dragon was not appointed to command the Draconid army, he achieved respect and obedience through strength, luck and wisdom. The Draconids follow him into battle as if he were a new incarnation of the great Dragon of Chaos.

Zalar, the Flamebinder

Draconids are not only fearless warriors, they are also keenly interested in the emergence of new weapons. The appearance of muskets was greeted by them with delight. However it was not the warriors who took a special interest in the new weapons, but the mages. They wondered if they could make it even more powerful.

Draсonid Knights set

Draconid Knights hold the firmest disciplined out of the soldiers in the Ophidian Alliance army. They embody the invincibility of dragons, but are less likely to give in to their passions than other majestic lizards. They do not rely solely on their strength and sturdy armor. Their skill with weapons knows no equal as many of them have been veteran soldiers for hundreds of years and honed their craft to perfection.

Aldarac, Great Priest

Draconids are gifted with more than just strength and the ability to fly. In the heart of each of them burns a spark of primordial magic. But only some of them can rekindle that spark into a flame of irresistible power.

Draconid Warriors set

The battle cry of the Draconid Warriors is the roar of dragons. It puts enemies to flight and makes the ground tremble. As the men see the unit approaching, they believe that the dragons themselves have unleashed their fury upon them.

Ophidian Knight with Great Mace

Not every warrior of the Ophidian Alliance is born with wings and fiery breath. But each has the courage and ambition of a dragon.

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