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Crazy Easter

Bring joy to your Easter celebration!

Add a sprinkle of magic to your holiday decor or create your own Easter egg hunt scene with these delightful miniatures. Let the festive spirit come alive in your home with our miniatures!

Legends of Signum Set
Crazy Easter

Get ready for some Easter fun with our mischievous goblin squad, disguised as  Easter bunnies! These cheeky creatures are here to shake up your holiday celebration with their antics. From  egg hunts to sneaky pranks, our Goblin Bunny Brigade will keep you entertained all Easter long.

Legends of Signum
“Easter set”

Dive into a wonderland with our miniatures!

From the bunny archer to the beautiful maid, our collection captures the joy and magic of the Easter season.

Join in the Easter festivities with our miniatures!

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