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New Add-ons has arrived!

Dear Friends! Many requests were heard! This time we are happy to present you two new Add-ons that even expand the game to one more faction.

Beautiful set of bestselling Plague Doctors is now available on Kickstarter. Along with the beautiful miniatures in a special medieval thematic, you get another faction with its hero, characters, buildings, and support cards ready to join the battle. Maybe this squad would be able to stop the Akkari’s curse; we’ll see.

Another surprise is the Dragon Hunters box that allows you to test yourself against the Dragon. Join the story where the Hunters attempt to invade the Dragon’s lair in PvP 1vs1 and 1vs3 mode, as well as PvE single-player and three-player game mode. And remember that in addition to the previous Dragon, we also have a new Fairy Dragon that is also available on the Add-ons section. “Dragon Hunters” interacts with the original skirmish “Legends of Signum”, which means all the Hunters and Dragons can be used in “Legends of Signum” too.

Our new Add-ons “Dragon Hunters” and “League of Plague Doctors” don’t require additional refinement as the miniatures and game content there was already prepared, and the only things left are additional card batches and producing of the already prepared miniatures. This means these Add-ons can be sent out earlier than the main pledges and other Add-ons of the campaign. During our late pledging campaign on Backerkit, when we will be reaching out to you to confirm shipping addresses and shipping methods, you will be able to confirm if you are going to get these Add-ons earlier or along with the main pledge.