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Legends of Signum II: Warseer – Balancing details

We continue to talk about the development of “Legends of Signum II: Warseer”. This time we are going to touch on topics such as the balance of the combat system, the characters and some of the innovations.

We have already finished the main mechanics of the game, the character design, the game economy and many other things. But there’s one detail that’s still keeping us busy, and that’s the balance of power on the battlefield. After many stages of testing and a huge number of rolls, it became clear that the combat mechanics needed to be more flexible, as there are situations where the probability gap between rolls is too large.

In the course of testing, we came to the conclusion that the dices needed to be changed. These are the dices that determine whether or not you can hit your opponent. The optimal solution is to add two new dices. In the game, they are green and purple. We have also redesigned the red dice. Players now have up to five dices with different chances of hitting, push or missing.

The critical hit has also been changed. For example, the green and purple dices will not have a critical hit, which is necessary to allow for flexibility in character customisation. These dices will also be used for additional effects, such as attacking from a hill. The red dice is a bit different, as it has absolutely no empty edges, and therefore you can not miss now. When throwing this dice, players can always count on a certain result, be it push, wounding or critical hit.

In addition to these innovations, we have abolished the binding of the dices to the metal colours. Now it’s just a set of cubes with different colours. We have also partially removed the mechanics of “upgrading” and “downgrading” dice classes. For example, instead of “upgrade the weakest dice”, it will now be “add a blue/purple dice to the roll”. Taken together, all of this will improve the overall gameplay experience as well as the flexibility of character balancing.

This brings us to the main topic – character balancing. Balance itself is the search for the golden mean, where neither side in a confrontation has a clear advantage or disadvantage. In our case, it’s about balancing the characteristics of a character, and by extension, a squad or even a faction. We are making the system with the expectation of a large number of characters and factions, as in the future we plan to transfer all the factions and characters already existing in Signum to the rules of “Legends of Signum II: Warseer”.

With the changes to the dice, we have the opportunity to reflect the character’s fighting ability. In a direct fight, a burly warrior will certainly be able to show himself off better than a city brigand. He is unlikely to miss when he attacks. At least the probability of such an outcome is minimal. Also, the extra cubes make up the difference between the two extreme options: damaging the enemy or doing nothing. The chance to drop an attack on a “weak” cube is too small, and on a medium dice – too large.
With such innovations, the characteristics of each character will become more subtle, and balancing will become more flexible and accurate. We hope that such changes will improve the processes within “Legends of Signum II: Warseer” and add variety to the game experience. We also want to say that the game is still in development and some details may change.
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2 thoughts on “Legends of Signum II: Warseer – Balancing details

  1. Marco Caccia says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I’d like very much a better tested product and I suggest to take enough time to do it.
    For card replacement you could share pdf, we could print them, but after some testing I think that real cards could be appreciated if are sold in the store.
    I’d like a game about 1 hour so please test that time (I enjoy bigger battles but is more difficult to find someone to play with). Ciao M.

    1. Andrew Signum says:

      We are very glad that you are interested in the game!
      The game will last approximately one hour, so you can fully enjoy tactical maneuvers and sudden changes of events. In case you are interested in extending the game session, “Legends of Signum II: Warseer” will include a tournament mode, which involves several consecutive battles and new mechanics, you can read about it here:
      If you want to test the game as it is at the moment, we suggest going to Tabletopia and playing there:

      Regards, Signum Games team

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