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New game mode: Tournament!

Tournament mode allows you to turn an ordinary player vs. player duel into a real confrontation. We highly recommend you dive into this mode after you’ve played a few games in the game and your first impression has had time to form.

The Tournament mode is actually several player vs. player matches, but linked into one whole. You still have the same components as in a normal duel – the Battle deck and the Feats deck. But most importantly now, besides the victory points, you have Dragon Coins. Dragon Coins is a special in-game currency that allows you to create your warband during the game, as well as buy improvements for your warband before another game with your opponent.

At the end of each game, you will receive victory points that will add up to your previous achievements and earn you a fixed number of Dragon Coins. Since money for gear and character purchases is always scarce, Signum underground markets are always ready to give you an extra opportunity to earn a couple extra coins. Namely, now, you get the opportunity to bet on the results of the upcoming game. Whether you play your bet will depend on your skill as a player. And, of course, on the foresight of your opponent.

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