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Stunning musicians take the stage

Hailing from different corners of the fantasy realm, wandering bards transform their individual stories into soulful melodies. Whether a dramatic ballad by a dark elf or a lively jig by a hobbit, their music changes people’s hearts.

They use their musical prowess to bridge the gap between seemingly opposing worlds. Their eclectic compositions tell tales of camaraderie, overcoming adversity, and the beauty of unlikely friendships.

Orphius, the Organist

Bathed in candlelight, the famous maestro creates otherworldly symphonies on a magnificent organ. The maestro’s fingers dance across the keys, creating a stream of magical notes that weave together to create a mesmerizing melody. It is a miracle that remains in the hearts of all who witnessed it.

Legends of Signum SetCheerful Hobbit Orchestra

The “Cheerful Hobbit Orchestra” are a band of  wandering bards who, despite their small stature, produce big sounds. With a repertoire that ranges from toe-tapping jigs to heartwarming ballads. Their cheerful tunes and infectious laughter can turn the simplest gathering into a lively celebration, making them beloved in hobbit holes across the land.

Legends of Signum SetDark Metal Drow Band

In the deepest realms of the underworld a group of dark elf bards perform.  These fearless and a penchant for the dangerous  ladies  weave their melodies, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who dare to listen. Their music is a sultry blend of shadow and seduction, drawing the unwary into a realm where every note is a step closer to the edge of peril.

Legends of Signum SetLady Centaur Folk Band

In the vast meadows where the wind dances through tall grasses, the melodies and songs take flight to the sun.  Graceful lady centaur musicians, with flowing manes and swift hooves dance and play instruments. Their magic tunes celebrate the untamed beauty of nature.

Legends of Signum SetVallor musicians “Tailed Orchestra”

A lively band of animal musicians  travels through villages, cities and enchanted woodlands. They delight audiences with their charming melodies and acrobatic displays. This merry ensemble brings joy to every corner of the world.

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