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Konstantin Oronox Captain

Once Konstantin had almost nothing to lose, except for a good name – only noble blood distinguished him from his commoner peers, with whom he played together in childhood and hunted in the forests. Until found out that beyond the sea they not only teach martial arts and give a chance to become a knight over the years, but also provide everything you need – armour, weapons and even a war horse. And Konstantin went overseas. So he became part of the famous Knights Templar.

One day, Konstantin fell behind the caravan on a long march into the desert. Trying to survive, he took the fight with the desert creatures, fighting side by side with one of them – the “feathered lizard” oronox. He took care of the wounded oronox and won his friendship and affection, for which he was named “Rakibon” – “Skillful rider”.

A hardy beast with powerful claws and a strong beak was able to carry a knight in heavy armor across the sands. Having managed to tame and saddle him, Konstantin found a formidable force that would allow the Knights of the Temple to defeat the desert warriors of the Khaliphate of the Sphinx. And the Grand Master of the Order appreciated the ingenuity of Konstantin. He founded the Oronox Knights, knighted Konstantin and raised him to the rank of captain.

Konstantin Oronox Captain

Earn 16.00 Reward Points

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