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New faction The Dark Moon Fangs fight for revenge!

The flames of war engulfed the Sunrise Isles. Cities and villages were reduced to ashes. The ancient clans are beheaded and stripped of their lands.
The losers can only rot in their graves or accept the help of the Dark Forces. The dead who returned from the other world, and the survivors, who had nothing left, united under one banner. New faction The Dark Moon Fangs fight for revenge! And their battle will continue until the whole world is reduced to ashes.
Lord Riken fell in battle, but his thirst for revenge was so great that the grave could not hold him. He was reborn as a monster and returned to lead the other Avengers into battle. With a voice that makes the heavens tremble, he announces:
“The flame of our anger will burn the world to the ground! And even the death of thousands of enemies will not quench our thirst for revenge!”

These samurais once already lost their home, their families and their honor. They don’t know if they are alive or dead. In any case, they are just ghosts of past battles.
And ghosts have nothing to lose and nothing to fear.

Once they belonged to different clans, but pain and despair erased all differences between them. While the enemies are alive, the dead will not rest in peace.
The Avengers will continue to fight because that’s all they exist for now.

The walls of the fortresses and the armies of warriors will not stop the wrath of the angry rhinos. The battlefield is covered with a bloody fog. The beating of the heart is like the thunder of a war drum.
They will not lay down their weapons until the whole world is in ruins.

Tengu hermits lived peacefully until powerful clans began to share power. Now the sacred forests are burned, the mountains are strewn with the bodies of the dead, and the rivers are poisoned.
The tengu will make the world pay for this desecration of the shrines.

Heaven is a reflection of the earth. Everywhere death and destruction. Those who have not found peace in prayers will find it in death.
Only the death of all those who fight will bring peace to these islands!

Explore a New Faction that enters the World of the Signum with the Dark Moon Fangs!

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