The vast Blackmarsh, with its multitude of inhabitants, became more and more restless.

Squads of scouts from war-torn countries darted back and forth, outposts of the goblin empire sprouted like mushrooms after rain, bandits hiding from human authorities rioted.

The swamps are accustomed to the measured squabbling of orcs and hobgoblin clans, to feasts around fires changed by short skirmishes, and not to shiny armour, high-flying banners and military camps lined up in a ruler.

The aliens did not feel the rhythm of the life of the swamp, exterminated fish and wildfowl, and acted on the nerves of everyone.

The swamp witches became even more evil, the hobgoblins became more feral, and the ogres and orcs… remained ogres and orcs.

Shamans asked for advice and help from more and more ancient and dangerous spirits. Until their voices reached the Dark Worlds. And then came the answer – the most obvious of all and liked by all the Blackmarsh tribes. Gather in one mighty horde and go to the human kingdoms and the goblin empire with a return visit. Become famous, get gold, iron and food. And also shed the blood of enemies in the name of the gods, whose names are dangerous to name.


Jazu, the Swamp Witch


Sorm, the Violent Troll


Shazarg, the Dark Ritual


The Tribe of Hobgoblins