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The Rebellion of Tieflings Begins!

A new faction joins the fight!
Descendants of demons do not want to see the destruction of their home world. They want to enjoy life in taverns, bedrooms and tournaments. If they have to defy their demon ancestors or hypocritical priests to do so, then so be it.
Half-demons were born in Signum and they do not want the death of their home world.
Their appearance can be frightening and their amusements can frighten common mortals. But they don’t want destruction and decline. They want to enjoy feasts, battles and love affairs. And for this they will have to challenge their demonic parents and all the dark armies of Styx.
The Tiefling Rebellion Begins!

Lanadis, Princess of the Abyss has challenged the demons of Styx. She led a tiefling rebellion and rallied around her the descendants of demons who want to save the world in which they were born. Tieflings are not known for being disciplined fighters, but their spirit is unbowed and their hearts fearless.
Lanadis, Princess of the Abyss is the leader of a new faction. She uses her magic, her intelligence, and her beauty to unite the tieflings around her.
To one it will give a noble goal – the salvation of the native world. It will give others the opportunity to show that they are worth something. Them who is already fed up with ordinary entertainment, she will offer a deadly adventure. Lanadis started an uprising that will burn the familiar world. Demons will no longer look at their children as inferior pets. People will stop looking at them with disgust and pity. Priests will have to shut their mouths. The tiefling rebellion has begun and will continue until the tieflings carve out a new future for themselves.
The tiefling uprising will make all of Signum shudder!
Join the battle for the future of that world and light new dawns with your own hands.

Tiefling Warriors set
Tieflings love Signum because this world is full of pleasures. Music, wine, love… But, as the descendants of demons, they really know how to enjoy two more things – it’s pain and battle.
Tiefling warriors go into battle without fear, because for them it is better than any party.

Riders of the Rebellion
The blood of demons allows tieflings to get along with the most bloodthirsty monsters. Huge lizards are not just their mounts, they are faithful companions of tieflings. Together they enjoy hunting, chasing and fighting.

Magic of the Abyss set
Magic flows in the veins of tieflings along with the blood of demons. They have a natural gift for casting spells and harnessing the wild energies of the Abyss.
The demons did not take their descendants seriously, and they diligently studied their secrets all this time.
Now the knowledge of the demons will turn against them, against the hypocritical priests and against all who dare to stand in the way of the Rebellion.

Sharpshooter Tieflings set
Why spend years in a dusty lab learning magic when you can spend that time in a tavern with friends? Play a distracted innkeeper? Seduce the waitress? And then pick up a bow or crossbow and kill your opponent with one shot.
Tieflings know a lot about good entertainment. And accurate shooting.

Who will show the half-demons a new path and unite them to achieve a better future?

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