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Wolfens of the Ancient Forest

Hi! Today we’re going to talk about what many of you have been waiting for the most – new wolfen models!

The new large group of wolfen will be part of the Alliance of the Unicorn, a faction that hasn’t seen any significant updates in a long time. Recently, we’ve been busy creating new figures of various bizarre monsters, hobbits and humans, but we’ve paid woefully little attention to the furry wolfen. It’s time to right this wrong. Especially since the wolfen of the Alliance are an original and very interesting faction.

If we compare the wolfen of the Alliance of the Unicorn to their urban counterparts or the beastmen of the Dawn Isles, we can say that they are more “savage”. Living in harsh conditions has taken its toll on the warriors’ appearance; they wear intimidating old-fashioned armour, are larger in stature, and are easily enraged in battle. They also have the racial ability “Howl”, which provides interesting bonuses on the battlefield.

The critical hit has also been changed. For example, the green and purple dices will not have a critical hit, which is necessary to allow for flexibility in character customisation. These dices will also be used for additional effects, such as attacking from a hill. The red dice is a bit different, as it has absolutely no empty edges, and therefore you can not miss now. When throwing this dice, players can always count on a certain result, be it push, wounding or critical hit.

In addition to these innovations, we have abolished the binding of the dices to the metal colours. Now it’s just a set of cubes with different colours. We have also partially removed the mechanics of “upgrading” and “downgrading” dice classes. For example, instead of “upgrade the weakest dice”, it will now be “add a blue/purple dice to the roll”. Taken together, all of this will improve the overall gameplay experience as well as the flexibility of character balancing.

Of course, the new faction will have its own hero – the famous warrior Serdak, Hero of the Alliance, whose complex and touching story can be read here. We remind you that it was he who prevented the death of Signum and it was he who was at the origin of the Alliance of the Unicorn. Now you can finally play as the famous wolfen and bring him back to glory. A skilled melee warrior, Serdak is the perfect balance to the mage and archer heroes that the Alliance already has.

A small but nice gift for fans of unique figures: Serdak’s model was not created in a 3D model, nor was it printed on a 3D printer, but was hand-sculpted and then cast in resin. We decided that such an significant character deserved a personal approach.

In addition to the wolfen, we are preparing another small group of new creatures for release – unicorns. Interestingly, their appearance on the battlefields of Signum is directly linked to Serdak, who persuaded the nearly extinct magical creatures to join the fight against the enemies of the Alliance of the Unicorn.

You can already place an order for all the above miniatures on our website.

The new heroes are ready to go to battle!

2 thoughts on “Wolfens of the Ancient Forest

  1. Renaat Van Hee says:

    Will these get cards for the existing game?

    1. Signum Games says:

      Of course, the miniatures of the Wolfens of the Ancient Forest are supplied with cards.

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