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The Female Orcs have arrived!

Even the most brutal and evil orc has the only weakness – it’s the pretty ladies. Not just simple ladies, but strong and warlike, able to fight equally in battle and confront an army of enemies. Fierce and at the same time passionate, the deadly beautiful Blackmarsh Ladies have already joined the ranks of the Horde, wreaking the havoc and destruction. And if any orc takes a fancy of them, there’s no hiding from bone-crashing hugs and jealous glances. After all, these ladies are used to getting what they want at all costs.


Their blades slash fiercer than a storm, and their spikes pierce right at the enemies’ hearts. Don’t underestimate the Blackmarsh Ladies, for they are skilled warriors and masters of edged weapons.


With the support of cursed magic, the Shaman also contributes to the course of the battle. The blood of the fallen is perfect for her dark rituals, clouding the minds of the enemies and driving them to despair.


The outstanding Swamp Lily is especially good in the heart of the battle. The armor doesn’t restrict the actions, allowing her to move easily and quickly, killing hundreds of opponents before they see the face of their death.


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