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Myconid Circle

In the damp and dark depths of underground caves, a civilization quite different from ours flourishes. Delve into the mysterious world beneath the surface with our latest myconid characters.

The Song of the Circle extends beyond space and time. United by common visions by clouds of spores, myconids live far from the worries of the world. But the peoples of Signum do not leave them alone. To repel the raids of hunters and conquerors, they have to fight.

Legends of Signum Starter Box “Myconid Circle

In the subterranean depths, coalition of myconids  have chosen to ally with the dark elves for the greater good. Gifted with glimpses of the future, Lady of Dreams foresaw a path of cooperation with dark elves for the preservation of peace.  United by a shared vision seen through the mycelial song, miconids work together against the shadows that threaten their subterranean home.

Myconid Warriors set

Just as among mushrooms there are poisonous ones, so among myconids there are also bad ones.

This squad of evil myconids prowls in the darkness and their spore-laden attacks unleash a nightmare of hallucinations.

Beware this nefarious squad.

Yellowfoot Sharpshooters set

Though miconids preferring unarmed combat, some of them have mastered the art of wielding weapons, a necessity born from constant skirmishes against invasive forces.

Silent and deadly, this myconid squad has embraced the art of archery in defense of their homeland. Patient and tireless, Yellowfoot Sharpshooters have become masters of surprise attacks. Their fungal bodies allow them to blend effortlessly into the environment, becoming formidable marksmen who defend their territory against any intruder with deadly accuracy.

Mycotaurs set

Witness the union of nature’s magic and myconid ingenuity!

This squad of myconids, inspired by the grace and power of centaurs, now boasts powerful and swift bodies. Micotaurs stand ready to protect their caves, seamlessly blending fungal wisdom with strength and speed of creatures from surface.

Mycelian, the Mushroom Dragon

Mycelian, the Mushroom Dragon, is an almost immortal being whose strength lies not in physical might, but in the ethereal breath it exhales. It is a gentle mist of otherworldly spores, transports adventurers to realms of vivid imagination. Some find solace in the spore visions, enchanted by the whimsical  dreams. And adventurers often willingly remain trapped in hallucinations, forming an unusual bond with Mycelian, guardian of psychedelic worlds.

Immerse yourself in the captivating life of miconid circle: from peaceful myconid sages to fierce defenders, these fungal beings bring a touch of  the incomprehensible to your life.

Transform your gaming table into a fungal wonderland with our brand-new myconid models.

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