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Developers’ Diary Ep. 2: Mercenaries Transferred to Factions

Hello and welcome to the new edition of Legends of Signum developers’ diary.

We are often asked questions about mercenary miniatures of the 1st set, which become the Unicorn Union characters in the 2nd set. We decided to collect all the answers in one article and explain how they will work.

Amber the Elder of Wolfens’ Pack, Briarah the Daughter of War, Guard-Construct of Kadbrant Fortress, and many other elves and wolfens will remain mercenaries. Their Dogs of War cards will not be banned and players will still be able to use them in decks. However, all of them will receive cards of the Alliance of the Unicorn faction in a new design, and these new cards will be available with the miniatures upon sale if players buy them after the release of the second set.

Unfortunately, when building decks with these characters, you will have to take into account the fact that they were previously mercenaries. It won’t be possible to put both an old card and a new card of such a miniature into one deck, so you will have to choose whether you want to use this character as a mercenary or as a loyal soldier of the faction.

Of course, abilities of the new cards will differ from the mercenary cards. These miniatures will receive some special mechanics of the Unicorn Alliance and learn how to interact with each other and work together with other creatures of the faction. Some will also enter the clans of the Unicorn Alliance, receiving clan mechanics such as Howl or Exhaustion.

The same goes for the only mercenary of Akkari.

Here is a list of mercenaries who will be transferred to the Alliance of the Unicorn faction with the 2nd set release:

  • Kevarr the Berserk
  • Mallt Great Fang
  • Briarah the Daughter of War
  • Amber the Elder of Wolfens’ Pack
  • Ryanella the Yew Bow
  • Guard-Construct of Kadbrant Fortress
  • “Golden Fly” the Vanguard Construct
  • Vernis, Silver Guardian
  • Alantis, Silver Guardian
  • Ethar the Tireless
  • Agrad the Herald of the Moon
  • Aniska, Smashing on the Run
  • Daeneer, Hitter Without a Miss
  • Iysha, Daughter of the Eternal Forest
  • Sorin the Huntsman
  • Sigrid the Runespeaker
  • Kena the Sorceress of Ice
  • Kynara Dayreen

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