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New Miniatures on Sale! New Plague Doctors Set

The long-awaited expansion of the Plague Doctors as the Black Sakura Guild welcomes everyone to join their ranks!

This release introduces you to a lot of characters with a new hero at the head. Thus you not only get tons of high-quality characters but also a brand new faction with their hero, support cards, and everything necessary to lead your new squad in the “Legends of Signum” skirmish wargame.

The Black Sakura Guild allows you to become a member of the fight against the Plague Father in the east of Signum.

The hero is an ancient descendant of the divine dragon who awakened to fight back the dark forces and lead the infected warriors in the battle against the source of the Plague and other worthy foes.

As well as in our latest releases, we introduce a set of custom warriors, which allows you to assemble them the way you want and create your custom army.

Along with yak riders roaming the Eastern lands, collecting news and warning people about the danger dark forces sow, here you will find peasants and townspeople fight in the ranks of the guild, as well as famous samurai.

If you purchase the starter now, you will get a minion miniature of Plague Swarm completely free as a great addition to your army.

And by purchasing all the miniatures from the Black Sakura Guild (All-In set), you will receive an even bigger surprise – our exclusive miniature Kelly, the Oracle of the Plague as a gift.

Purchase the starter or All-In set before 14.03 to get x3 Reward Points for our Loyalty Shop and future discounts.

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