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Kelly Gampana, Oracle of the Plague

A girl in a white dress walked around a boundless ever-changing plateau. The mountains could rise and fade there in seconds, forests grew and fell, and the moon and the sun merged by two long lines through the gray skies.
“Who am I?!” the girl shouted in a void.
“You’re a liar.” Something invisible answered patiently. It sounded like a child’s voice, but there was a feeling of something impossible, unreachable, and ancient.
“No! I’m just…” The girl got confused as she didn’t know what to say.
“You’re with me in this dream.”
“You don’t even understand that?” A hill appeared out of nowhere suddenly fell apart into thousands of rats that immediately scattered around. But the image remained constant. It was the image of a tall figure with wings in a distinctive mask of a plague doctor that definitely was out of this world. The girl chased it, but whatever was the distance, she couldn’t reach the blurry vision.
“Kelly!” It was a sudden voice from another side of this mysterious world. The name, her name – it was like a straw for a drowning man.
“I’m here!”

The girl closed her eyes and instinctively dashed through space like a comet. She learned this skill in the Diviners Guild. The Guild, diviners, rats, doctors, an angel, all of those memories filled her mind.

Kelly opened her eyes in a tent. Agnello was sitting beside her. His eyes were closed, they were visible through red lenses of a plague doctor’s mask. It looked like he was sitting here for a long time and eventually fell asleep. Kelly tried to get up, but the image in her eyes got blurred.
 “You managed to run away? Again? Amazing. Maybe somebody else could escape my dreams after you.” A face of disfigured baby connected to some weird mechanisms enveloped her sight. “And here is another gift to you. I worked on new types of disease while you were out of my captivity. Enjoy.”

The girl screamed in pain, and the apparition faded. She woke up in a tent again. Agnello, who already was on his feet, was drawing with ink some magic symbols on Kelly’s skin.
“Have I… escaped?” Kelly asked through pain. She noticed ulcers that rapidly started to appear on her fingers.
“Yes. You’re back with us again. And now, don’t say anything. Save your strength. A lot has happened while you were away.”
“I’m so tired. Every time I try to run away from him, I feel my pain is getting worse. So I’m too afraid to fall asleep again, knowing that every dream can merge with his dream. It can get me back to him…”

“We will figure it out. I promise you. Now get some rest.”

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