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Valentine’s Day Releases and Bonuses

The day of release has finally come. We are pleased to present you a new miniature – meet Farrah Desert Wind – an elusive assassin who completes an objective and instantly disappears into the shadows when no one expects.


To celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day, you can pick up the miniature paired with another killer – Alsakur. Also, in addition to this tandem, we launched a few other sets of romantic couples, which save you 15% compared to individual purchase of those miniatures. They are available on our website until February 14th.

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And the bonus news:

What a great come back takes place during the feast day as the most passionate miniature of lovers is back in stock today! “Lord Varkula, the Night Visitor” and her beloved finally visited our web store!

By purchasing Lord Varkula, the Night Visitor you get x3 Reward Points.

If you didn’t have time to pick up the miniature during the Halloween festival, now it becomes available again! Happy Valentine’s Day and see you soon in the Signum universe!

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