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Rea-t-Shass, the Steam Healer

An old library was filled with a gallery of scrolls and ancient tomes. Having collected all the valuable records in the library, an old ophidian Rea-t-Shass put them in his bag. He was looking with sadness at everything else in the library that he was unable to take with him. The reason for that is his League of Plague Doctors that were leaving Vallor in a hurry, and if he was going to come back for the most valuable goods,  it would take a lot of effort as he had to use all of his ties and his guide should have made a true miracle next time. 

Guild of Shadows’ raider, who was helping Rea-t-Shass, waited for him at the exit. “This knowledge is not for bipedal”, the old snake said to his guide and ignited the library by a quick spell. The raider nodded and took the old snake to the closest entrance to the catacombs. The way through the dungeon was very long and exhausting, but the raider didn’t say a word, just pointing directions with a torch. Meanwhile, it looked like something was moving in his big bag like somebody is trying to get out from it, but the snake didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Having climbed an old dried-up well, they eventually reached the surface; it was pretty far away from Vallor’s walls. On the spot, they were met by a tiny girl with wounded hands. The raider stopped and took his bag off.
“I think it’s time to pay, right?” Rea-t-Shass asked. His guide silently nodded. “You know the rules.” the raider repeated a gesture.
“So who is going to receive that?”

 The guide opened a bag and brazenly got a tied goblin out of it. The ophidian smiled as he remembered something moved there during the path. He took the girl’s hands, and her wounds like living beings crawled to his scaly hands. The tied goblin twitched and managed to spit out rags that shut his mouth.
“I’ll give it back! It’s only 200 coins… not that much, right? I will win it back! Don’t do it, I beg you!” The raider kicked him and interrupted his speech. Rea-t-Shass put his hand on the captive’s forehead and transmitted all the wounds to the goblin. The Guild’s agent bowed to the old snake, took the girl on his hands, and slowly headed towards the well.
“Thank you! Thank you so much, a healing master!” the girl shouted over his shoulder.
“You bastards.” the infested goblin said hoarsely. “You just transferred disease, is that healing? Really?”
“Save your strength, buddy. You’d need it for dealing with the disease for which there is no cure.”

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