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Sebastiano Riario, Mentor of the Lodge

Mentor Sebastiano Riario gathered the students in a small room in the Ragosse citadel library. Although there were only six of them, the scientist gave a lecture as usual, as if for a big audience. His loud and well-trained voice echoed off the stone walls, among which were rarely found small dusty cabinets with old books. The mask he wore did not bother him whatsoever.
“Sample number two hundred and seventy-four.” The mentor lifted the cage with a shabby, loudly squeaking rat on his outstretched arm. The animal furiously threw itself on the thick metal bars, holding it back.

“This test subject was infected with the blood of the Father of Disease cultists. It is definitely ill, and judging by the ulcers it should have died long ago However, it is still full of strength, and even surpasses its healthy counterparts in strength.Riario set the cage down on the table, dipped his pen in ink, and traced several symbols on the cage’s wooden lid. As soon as the feather lifted off the surface, a golden glow swept through the cell in a wave. The rat squeaked a couple of times and went quiet. After a few seconds, she stopped breathing.
“Look. The glyphs I have drawn do not relate to combat magic. This is a simple magic shield. It prevents magical effects.” Sebastiano Riario opened the cage, took out the dead rat by the tail and raised it so that the audience could see it clearly. “Once the magical connection was broken, the animal instantly surrendered to its diseases. The only conclusion we can make from this is that the Father of Diseases controls his cultists with the help of magic, completely or partially. But once you put a barrier, their diseases get out of control.

The library door was suddenly opened, and a disheveled goblin burst into the library. Muffled screams could be heard from behind him.
“Riot! The infected destroyed the infirmary and escaped!” Doctor Sulfide shouted and ran to warn the others.

The mentor hadn’t lost his composure and calmly walked out into the corridor. The terrified disciples followed him, dodging the halberd guards who ran past. Once he got to the yard, Riario leisurely looked around, picked up a torch thrown by someone, and began to draw the same magical symbols on the ground as ones on the cage with the rat.
“Attention to details…” he calmly turned to his students. “…is extremely important in our work. If those who raised the riot wanted to escape, they would have already broken down the gates of the fortress. But they attacked us. The conclusion is that it’s not an escape by their own free will.”

A wave of golden radiance swept across the ground in every direction.
“And now you can start searching for them. I don’t think that now they will resist”.

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