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Bianca Moreau, Countess of the Plague

The more children a count has, the fewer benefits the youngest daughter can count on. Be a pawn in a political game and marry a stranger to keep this small and starving southern county valuable for others. This county is bogged down by internecine wars and diseases, it’s not rich neither in natural resources nor anything else. The only thing that stood out by travelers in the county is the ancient citadel that has the same name as the county itself. Bianca is the youngest of ten daughters of the count Moreau. Although Bianca understood these political principles pretty quickly, she didn’t want to accept her fate. Her father, slowly losing his mind, refused to send the girl to study somewhere, despite multiple entreaties.

“The only role of a woman is to be a good wife!” he said, “There’s no need to know anything more than good manners and how to raise children.”

Having heard these words once again, Bianca couldn’t withstand the pressure and unfairness, so she eventually decided to leave this place. She used her pendants and golden ring to pay her way to Vallor. Even though, it was the only thing that could distinguish her from children of servants. Knowledge she learned from books she secretly read in the father’s library was enough to become an apprentice in the Guild of Alchemists and Healers. Bianca was a student by day and looked after lab rats by night. She needed money to pay for food and a warm bed. Two decades later, Bianca returned to Ragoss as a plague doctor, ready to burn all the filth that prevailed there. If the fire is the only cure, let the citadel burn to the ground. Ragoss already was a dying county, and now it is affected by the filth of the Disease Father, so it’s time to relieve their suffering.

The siege lasted a month. The outbreak, started by Dziani, has killed almost all the guards and those, who survived fled from the citadel, leaving the gates open. Even though, local cultists possessed powerful magic, all of them were killed in less than a day. Among cultists, Bianca recognized her family, so now she is the last of the Moreaus. The only successor of the throne in the fallen county… the Plague County.

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