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January 2021 Release. Please welcome the harsh Northerners!

This is our very first release of this year, the biggest one in a long time. Prepare your swords and shields as the Vikings’ invasion starts now! A lot of people was waiting for this moment, and we finally made it to the first Patreon release, making it available as physical miniatures in resin cast on our website. Welcome the well-known Scandinavian characters and mythical creatures fully prepared for a battle.
The release includes various sets, every one of each we bet will find its admirers among the collectors and fans of the theme.
First one is the “Heroes of the North” set, where you’ll meet notable characters. Add the four Heroes to your collection simply in one click.
Other two main sets of the release are “Legend of the North” and “Northern Warriors”, highly detailed Scandinavian characters and creatures.
A set of “Northern Warriors” stands out among the others by having interchangeable pieces. Thus you can combine its body with different parts and weapons to assemble your own warriors.
We always try something new and with this set we’re starting to offer our customers different sized resin bases. This is a very universal thing for all miniature collectors and we think it might be a great addition for your miniatures and designs.
To celebrate the new launch, we made x3 Reward Points when purchasing the models of the set, so that’s also a good opportunity for those who are earning the points for Future Discounts or Free Exclusive Miniatures. So what are you waiting for? 🙂 Open a new page of the Signum story with the brand new models, check them all out. Don’t forget to contact us at sales@signumgames.com if you have any questions and follow our Social Media for more.

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