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Ancient Tomb Guardian

A heavy stone that covered the entrance shifted, thus letting the two suns to illuminate the tomb for the first time in hundreds of years.

“I thought the lands of cursed baronies have nothing more but sand and legions of wailing Undead.” A tall mercenary entered a dusty cave. “But it turns out there are a lot of interesting things.”

“This is only the beginning.” A mage behind his back squinted trying to read the writing on the walls. “Centuries ago, there were cities of the beastmen empire in these lands. ”
“And where have they gone?” the mercenary made a few more steps and stopped, giving his eyes more time to adjust the dark.

“They were at war with humans. Humans used battle magic, attacking them harder and harder. And when the beastmen realized it is impossible to pull back anymore, they conducted a colossal ritual that turned those land into lifeless chaos for hundreds of years. Borders of the worlds are still weak after such powerful magic so that necromancers, warlocks, and other dark things are drawn to this place. ”

“And this place I assume was one of their cities?”

“Nope, burial place. That ritual has torn all the cities apart, but such old tombs still have a lot of interesting things inside. Gold, magic artefacts, books…”

“You could stop on gold.” A mercenary who carried a torch interrupted the mage who waited until other mercenaries pass further, drew an arrow on the wall that points to the exit, and followed them.

The squad invading the tomb advanced slowly. The mage was often leaving special marks on the walls while mercenaries looked at clay vessels scattered everywhere and examined frescoes and signs they didn’t understand.

The search for at least something valuable continued for several hours, so the mood of the mercenaries noticeably deteriorated, and the mage began to get nervous.

“Hey, you old man!” The tall mercenary turned to him. “So it seems there is no trace of the riches you described.”

“Some of the tombs may have been looted. In any case, I promise you’ll get the promised gold. That’s not what you should be worried about right now. If a tomb has been plundered, it may be desecrated.” The old mage answered.

“Desecration? What do we care about the memory of the ancient dead?”

“It’s not about memory but Necromancers.”

“You think necromancers could close the tomb with a stone?”

“Only if there was something in it beyond the control of their magic.”

The mercenaries looked at each other.

“You know what, old man, look for your relics on your own. We’re getting out of here!” the tall mercenary said and proceeded to the exit with his fellows.

“Who will pay you then?” the mage tried to pay their attention again.

“There was no talk of fighting monsters. New life cannot be bought.” the mercenary turned to the mage again.

“I will pay you twice as much!” the mage insisted.

“Don’t make me laugh!” the mercenary refused.

“Four times!”

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid your new offers won’t change their mind.”

A hoarse, unnatural voice rang out from behind the mercenaries and interrupted their dispute. Everyone instantly turned towards the source of the sound, and torchlight illuminated the huge Wolfen, covered in decayed bandages. His ancient armour and curved sword were eaten away by rust, and red embers of magical energy danced in the black holes of his eyes.

The mercenaries rushed away from the ancient evil screaming in panic and knocking down the magician. The old man picked up his staff in the darkness and created a light with a simple spell, but neither the mummy nor mercenaries were nowhere to be found. In a panic, they confused directions and fled deep into the ancient labyrinth. The monster apparently chased after them, so the magician had time to get out. The signs he had left on the walls quickly led the mage to the entrance, but he saw how the giant boulder covers the tomb again. The magician ran up to the stone block and desperately knocked on its surface with all his might, but this was for nothing.

“No! No! Let me out!” He shouted.

“Maybe… in a couple of centuries.” The monster’s voice from the other side sounded muffled. “I’ve been guarding this tomb for too long, so now it’s your turn.”

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Ancient Tomb Guardian