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Rexo, Centaur Knight

Asthenas’ tribe of Whitemane Centaurs is one of the few that refused to ally with the humans. Once, it was a part of a great people – everything was changed when the humans began to expand their territory.
The Centaur were not wiped out, but their golden age is long since back to the dust. Now, Centaur tribes barely exist on Aarklash. Their presence are only mere remnants of their glorious reign. Most of these separated groups formed alliances with the humans, but the Whitemane refused to do so.
These proud warriors resent humans outright, even the Kelts from the Avagdu Plains. Centaur see them as cruel conquerors of their lands, those who discarded their culture and honour over generations. Those of the Whitemane do not wage war against humans, but only because their numbers are still too few. Instead the tribe wanders the plains and coordinate themselves away from any human settlements.
Unsurprisingly, the Whitemane remain resentful, even hostile, towards the Centaur that live with humans. An example of this are those from the Red Hoof tribe – their leader Flaming Spear was once with Asthenas. Now, strange dreams of what may have been trouble the Centaur Knight’s heart of stone.
Asthenas yearns for his people’s rebirth and sees a chance for it in the Concord of the Eagle, that which the Whitemane swore to protect alongside the Archon Minotaurs. In his dreams, his kind have a new beginning – without humans.