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Griselda Heartbreaker

Are monsters capable of love? Do they even understand the feelings of mortals? There is a legend about a monster who drifts between the worlds seeking revenge, and a girl who became a monster for his love.

Krampus appeared in many worlds. He always came in the cold season of the year, always just before a significant event occurred in the world which he visited. Always with one goal – to punish those, who deserve it. Or those who believe they deserve it.

During one of his visits to Signum, just before the Winter solstice, he met a small girl by the name of Griselda. She stole a toy from his brother. Krampus revelled to his heart’s content turning the toys into coal. But after a few years he felt once more that he should visit her. This time she was a young, beautiful lass.

– Had my previous lesson taught you nothing, child?

– On the contrary, it taught me much. With each coming year, I committed deeds more vile than the previous. And finally, here you are!

– You did this deliberately? To summon me? Why?

– All churches teach us to fear committing evil. After death, they say, we shall be punished by the lord of light, castles, people and somesuch. But has anyone seen them? On the contrary, no one called you, and yet you came of your own volition. That means you are more real than any of those gods. At least for me. Whatever demon you may be, my love for you gave me the right answer! And you came to me. Again.

– Let me tell you of demons, child. All of them are merely manifestations of desire. The desire to live, to own, to destroy, the desire of righteous vengeance. – Krampus paused. – The desire for one to pay for what he did. I came to punish you. This time you took not your brother’s toys, but his life. And now I shall take yours.

– Then, I shall become a demon, I shall become the embodiment of my love for you! And we shall be together for eternity!

– But I am no demon, mortal. My power is my curse. I was born mortal, at the dawn of this world. I saw the war of dragons and the birth of gods. And I was the first who commited a crime. For this I was cursed by my tribesmen, forcing me to punish others for their wrongdoings. When I take your soul, you shall not become a demon. Only emptiness awaits you.

– So that is how the story ends? I merely desired your attention! Does the blame for my wrongdoings not partially lie on you?

Krampus hesitated. For the first time in centuries he was the cause of the events that had unfolded. The girl closed her eyes, awaiting her fate. Silence befell upon them. But in the next moment, Krampus grabbed Griselda’s arm.

– There is another path! – The monster bit the girl on the wrist. She screamed. Krampus took a step back, lifted his hand and repeated the action, then took Griselda’s hand again. – Now we are bound by blood. Your punishment will be to spend eternity as my helper. But answer me… why did I just do that?