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Mister Rhod, the Lord of Illusion

– Help, they’re robbing!

The square in front of the main city temple was deserted. The frosty winter day had just begun, the townspeople in their homes reluctantly stuck their heels out from under the warm blankets. And only a flabby peasant, in appearance a typical middle-class merchant, for some reason went out into the cold early. Went out, and soon ran into three more early birds, but of a completely different flight.

– Hah! But who will help you poor fellow at such an early hour? Drive the money, otherwise we will not only rob, but also you will go on sausage! – The leader of the robbers took out a knife from his boot and brought it to the very stomach of the merchant. He hiccupped, rolled his eyes, and began to untie the pouch from his belt.

– Why do you, damned, harass honest people on such a beautiful day?! – The voice seemed to come from the bell tower of the temple. The bandits and the victim froze. – Fear the wrath of higher powers, scum! Or should I bring down my anger on you this very hour?!

From the alley to the left of the temple, a thick fog began to creep out. Footsteps were heard in the fog. A few moments later, a very strange-looking man stepped into the square. A bright cloak with a cuff made of feathers, chest and arms are decorated with numerous amulets, pendants and bracelets, something resembling a unicorn horn is built on the head. In his hand, the man held a staff as bright as himself, with which he loudly hit the ground on his last step.

– Leave, vile thieves, the most honest of citizens alone. Otherwise, I will be forced to use power against you!

The voice of a man carried around the city no worse than the ringing of bells. Curious residents began to look out of the windows. The robbers turned towards the speaker.
– You should go, fellow, on your way. There are three of us, you are alone, we have knives, you have some kind of idiotic stick …

– How dare you to call “fellow” someone who has mighty magic?! I’M MISTER RHOD!!! – At these words, the magician raised his voice even more and spread his arms picturesquely. Pigeons soared from the rooftops. People began to gather in the square. – Great sorcerer! And my magic staff will now send you into oblivion.

The wizard took the staff with both hands and began to draw geometric shapes in the air. The pommel left a brightly glowing trail that hung above the ground. The thieves watched the magician’s movements in fascination, until the youngest of them could not stand it and rushed at the magician, holding a knife in front of him. He ran into the luminous figures, froze for a second, as if hitting an invisible wall, and then flew in the opposite direction. He hit his back against a visible wall, slid to the ground and went limp.

The townspeople, who were gathering in the square more and more, approvingly began to chatter. The magician bowed picturesquely on three sides.
– Look, good people, how righteous I am doing! In that, the gods themselves favor me!

As if to confirm Mister Rhod’s words, a gap appeared in the clouds, a column of light illuminated the magician, causing his trinkets to release a whole herd of sunbeams. The sun bunnies jumped on the walls, returned to Rhod and spun around him in a spiral. The two remaining bandits drew conclusions from the fate of their comrade. Taking a knife in each hand, they began to slowly come in from different directions from the magician, who literally bathed in rays of light. When he was exactly between them, one made a distracting lunge, the magician turned to him, and the second at that time tried to jump on the enemy. But Rhod’s magic was faster than two thugs. The sorcerer spun in place, the skirts of his cloak flung up, a bright light flashed, forcing all the spectators to close their eyes. When the townspeople opened them, they saw that not one bandit was now lying against the wall, but all three.

The crowd burst into applause and cheers. Mister Rhod bowed and blew kisses. Most kisses, oddly enough, were addressed not only to young beautiful girls, but also to handsome young men. Then, embracing the cutest boy by the waist, the wizard, surrounded by enthusiastic fans, went to the nearest tavern. There, he was sure of it, he was definitely waiting for a treat at someone’s expense. After all, the public loved spectacles and was ready to give bread for them.

It was already late in the evening, when the tipsy townspeople were wandering around their houses or sleeping under the tables in the tavern, Mister Rhod went into a dark alley. Soon the morning robbers appeared there. They looked surprisingly cheerful, there was no trace of bruises and abrasions received in an unequal battle with a magician.

– Great job guys. – Rhod threw a bag of coins to one of the “bandits”. – Today I literally fought off employers, a couple even had to be refused. You can lay low for a couple of weeks and enjoy life. When I need to arrange another performance, I will contact you.

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Mister Rhod, the Lord of Illusion