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Mortville the Heavy Hammer

It was a shout at the beginning.
Much later Mortville will be guessing if the lightning was the first. That exact lightning that revived the stitched together pieces of died flesh and metal, forced the experiment of one of the talented journeyman Warg Quark to open his eyes and shout. This moment was out of the memory, but was left somewhere on the retina of the dead eye. It was too deeply to consider it as a complete memory.
But the creature remembered a scream perfectly. It is difficult to forget your first exhalation. The first movement, the first hint of thought.
As the first words.
-Who am I?
The trivial question that every thinking creature asks sooner or later surprised Warg. The scientist tinkered in the lab testing new methods of join flesh with mechanisms but he was out of sorts.
– You are Chump brainless! Stay out of the way! Hide in your basement and don’t go out until I call for you. Go away!-Mortville obeyed. He went away. The question rose in the air and was in the head.
The monster came out from the basement often. There was always some work for the huge tireless hammerman in the constant beleaguered Vallor. To lift weights, to break the walls, to score piles… Every time the bully was going out to the city he was always thinking about who he is, what this is for, why people and other creatures are looking at him so strange. He was trying to ask about it Quark, but that one was just brushing aside. When the scientist began to intimidate Mortville that he will be switched off between his walks, the creature understood that he must leave the creator.
Mortville had run away during his mission in Free Baronies. He fell out from the carriage when it jumped up on the next bump of the mountain road. The heavy body, fusion of dead flesh, metal and magic disappeared in the abyss, laying a little bit on the low, then stood up and went in search of those who were able to reply on questions that bothered the monster.
– Escape who can! Monster!!! – Mortville heard this reply from everyone met on the road. He risked coming into town once, but instead of people the arrows and spears were fired in response. The giant didn’t feel pain but at the same time he couldn’t move because shafts were stuck in his body, and citizens weren’t willing to dialogue.
After a week of meaningless wanderings Mortville wandered into the endless wheat field. Crows croaked, ears of corn rustled, scarecrows stuck out on the stakes. Some joker put in the hand of one of them the decorated braid of skulls, and behind the belt he hid the robber’s knife. In whole the scarecrows would look awful if the creature felt a feeling of fear.
-Where are you going, hunk?-The voice was coming from one of the scarecrows. – If you came to plow, we have to tell you bad news – it is inconvenient to do it by hammer.
-Why should I plow at once?-Now the second scarecrow began to talk with mocking. –He is dead, the walking fertilizer. The corpses are very good food for the worms.
-What are you arguing about? – To plow by iron and fertilize a field with meat. And we will divide one from another, sure we will do it. – The third scarecrow jumped from the pole and the other two were following him, and all three pounced on Mortville.
The battle was delayed. None of its participants wasn’t tired and didn’t pay attention to small cuts and weak blows. Mortville took a defensive position and swung his hammer around himself, the scarecrows jumped around and were trying to touch the giant but it was unsuccessful. When the moon changed the sun in the sky, the scarecrows stopped. Mortville did the same.
-I see the fellow is the same as she. – The scarecrow with a braid told wistfully. – It looks like a corpse is bits and pieces of irons but with a great enthusiasm. Why is he so frisky?
The monster told everything. His creature, thoughts that Quark sent to him, questions that troubled him.
– Who am I, why am I, where am I?- One of the scarecrows couldn’t stand till the end of the story and began to jump around Mortville. – You are the belching of science and magic. You are nothing and nowhere, you only walk and swing your hammer, just enjoy! You think you are the only handsome in the white world?
– Not alone? – If the monster were a person, his face would now express extreme surprise.
-Did you hear him, guys?! – The scarecrow began to laugh so strongly that flock of crows stood up from the field. – Let us do it in such a way, my rotten friend. You go with us, we have fun with you well, scare people, maybe we will kill someone with your hammer. Then if you have good behavior, we will introduce you to someone.
Mortville thought for a short while. At the end what is the difference where to go and with whom. The scarecrows are right, they are similar and it means…
Thereby the rumors emerged about one strange group in the Free Baronies. Three alive scarecrows and a giant with a hammer wandered over the fields and forests, scared single travelers and merchant caravans. And no-one from people knew that the giant finally stopped asking himself stupid questions

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