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Gai the Reliable

From early childhood, Gai dreamed of increasing the glory of his tribe. Perhaps he even showed too much zeal – instead of helping with the housework, Gai only did that was annoying adult warriors with requests to teach him how to fight. The chief decided that the boy should be taught patience first of all – he would stick a battle axe into a large tree that grew on the outskirts of the village, and said: – When you get it, we will understand that you are strong enough to be a warrior, and until then go to your mother. – And no matter how Gai grabbed the shaft, the axe did not give in. He had to help with the housework for another two years – although he did not stop trying, starting every morning on the outskirts of the village.

Once, in the midst of a big holiday, when the whole tribe gathered around the fires, a pack of Wolfen robbers attacked the village. Drunk, unarmed warriors could not defend themselves, and the evening was filled with death cries. Gai rushed away from the massacre, but one of the robbers noticed him and chased after him.

– Run Run! – he shouted mockingly, baring his sharp fangs. – You’re just a bastard! Everyone knows that hunted deer taste good! – This insult so angered Gai that he forgot his own fear. Having reached a familiar tree, he pulled the axe out of the trunk with one jerk and with a sweep of it took off the head of the robber. The body fell, dousing him with hot blood, and Gai recoiled.

The wind brought the laughter of the Wolfens, horror again squeezed his heart, Gai rushed into the forest. When he finally stopped to catch his breath, he realized that he was left all alone. There was no more home, there were no older relatives who would recognize him as an adult, there was no clan and songs about his glorious past.
– Perhaps they would be alive if I returned! – Gai scolded himself.

Then he decided that no matter how terrible the enemy was, he would never run away again and that one day he would avenge his fellow tribesmen. After spending years in training, Gai joined the mercenary squad, because only in battle can a warrior become stronger.

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Gai the Reliable