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Story of Dragon Hunters

The three travelers were standing on top of a low hill opposite the gray rock covering the entrance to a cave. A fierce Amazon, a brooding warrior and a silver-haired mage. Numerous spots of grass that faded due to the long drought were looming darkly, and animal bones gleamed white among the stones. The cave entrance was not visible, but they knew He was there. They were hunters who managed to corner a rare and savage beast. But it was not yet completely clear who was the prey and who was the hunter.

The dragon was older than the three of them combined, he was smarter and definitely stronger. But did they care? Each of them strived to achieve their goal by any means necessary and did not consider the dangers. Just like children who want their wish to be granted at any cost and do not think about consequences. Compared to the dragon they really were children, naive children who believed in their fearlessness and power.  Read More...


The three travelers entered the tiny camp at the foot of one of the nearby hills, still silent. None of them was in the mood to discuss what they had seen. Each of them wished to remain alone with their own thoughts for the remainder of the day.
Their mule and two horses were still tethered. The animals had already eaten their oats and were snorting timidly, looking around them. They too felt uneasy. Their instincts told them about the danger waiting in the dragon’s cave.

The bulk of their belongings and supplies were packed on a small cart which the mage usually rode. Their hunting gear was also there. Harpoons, snares, various traps, hooks of every imaginable size, bundles of robust string, chains, a portable bolt thrower, several smaller crossbows, a supply of arrows and heads for them, a dozen axes, flanged maces, swords and lances. They might need all of this the next day, when they went hunting. Read More...


The pale blue disc of the moon appeared in the sky, casting its ghostly light on the hills near the dragon’s lair.
– I think I already told you that I am conducting important scientific studies, — the mage started, but Elia interrupted him:
– Your ring.
– What about my ring? — The mage looked at his hands one at a time. Several rings sparkled on his fingers, some of them with rather noticeable large gems. It was customary for mages to turn jewelry into magical artifacts.
Elia shook her head:
– The one you are hiding on your neck under your clothes. Don’t be surprised, I only glanced at it, but I recognized the symbol. A fire phoenix — the sign of the secret Phoenix Lodge. We heard about this order at the dragon’s cave, and I don’t think it was an accident. Read More...


– I used to be a freedom-loving Amazon, one of thousands of courageous warriors of my people. We don’t live like other people of Signum. Amazons do not serve men, they do not cook for them, do not wash their clothes, do not clean and sew from dusk till dawn. We not only refuse to accept men’s power over us, we do not even consider them as equals. If one of us decides to have a child, she does it of her own free will and often against the will of the future father. We use men only for conception, and after the deed is done, we do not have to see the father of our child ever again.
There is only one man whom we are willing to recognize as our equal, and he is a god. We worship Arakat, the god of war, and Inara, the goddess of the hunt. The best of us are proud to call themselves the brides of Arakat. We go raiding along the coast of the Inner Sea far to the west and the east. Read More...