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Yongsheng of Leafsong Peak

Elf Yongsheng spent two centuries on the Peak of Singing Leaves amongst healers, alchemists and druids. He was ambitious, and craved to recreate the legendary elixir of Eternal Life. Yongsheng put hundreds of recipes to the test and mixed thousands of rare ingredients, yet didn’t achieve his goal.

The recipe had been gone for so long that many didn’t even believe it ever existed at all. Many but not Yongsheng. Long years of research convinced the elf that it could be done. All that lead him to the key ingredient.

Only the blood of an ancient dragon could be the source of Eternal Life. And Paraxys the Ruthless, the ancient dragon, has the Eternity coursing through his veins. Thus, Yongsheng had to extract Paraxys’ blood.