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Paraxis the Scarlet Dragon

Paraxis the Ruthless is one of the most ancient and powerful dragons in the world of Signum. Like many other dragons, Paraxis for many years used to live next to the mountain elves serving his master, who was also considered a rider of that dragon. His master’s name was Iatael, the Elvish Prince, and the dragon was very loyal to his rider.

Everything was great until the day when the prince decided to run away from these lands with his beloved. Paraxis knew that there was no chance for other elves to accept that, and they are going to be chased facing other dangerous dragons with a pretty low chance to survive. Therefore Paraxis decided to act like none of the dragons had ever done before – to abandon his master and start searching for another. He burned Iatael alive and went down to the plains to sow death and destruction.

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