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Miniatures of “Dragon Hunters” and Their Game Cards

During the Kickstarter campaign of “Dragon Hunters”, many people asked us about the possibility to purchase one or another miniature separately from the main game box.The game box already includes four characters with all the necessary cards to play “Dragon Hunters”. Therefore, when purchasing one of the three standard Hunters or the Dragon on our website, along with the miniature you will receive only its mercenary card for “Legends of Signum”.

There are also four additional Hunters in the game at this moment: Ulrich, Karcin, Yongsheng, and Kamidar. Each of them includes both “Legends of Signum” and “Dragon Hunters” character card, and also their personalized support cards for “Dragon Hunters” if you purchase them as a separate miniature on our website.

We are planning to release more Hunters and at least one more Dragon in the future, so stay tuned and follow our social media to be the first to know the updates!

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