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New Fantasy Sets from Kickstarter are Already on Sale!

Hey, friends! The Imperial Legionary and Vallor Militia miniatures that were first introduced at Kickstarter in 2019 are on sale now!

Although the Free-City of Vallor doesn’t have a regular army, its inhabitants are always ready to defend their land. During the most difficult times, the city guard fights side by side with respectable merchants, and even with vagrants and thieves. All of them know what freedom is, and everyone is willing to give their lives for it.

“Damn Bastards” – Militia Set includes 7 character miniatures and game cards for “Legends of Signum” skirmish wargame. In addition, we introduce an exclusive miniature of Sergeant Bernard the Standard Bearer.

The Imperial Legion is one undefeated unit. Brothers and sisters in arms of the Holy Grypharim Empire are the most disciplined soldiers in the world. The warriors of the Empire not only preserve the traditions of ancient legions but were the first who successfully implemented firearms as the main armament.

The set of Imperial Legionary includes 7 character miniatures and game cards for the tabletop skirmish wargame “Legends of Signum”. Imperial Legionary – the set includes an exclusive miniature: Rena Scilia the Standard Bearer.

If you order the set on our website until August 7th, you get x3 Reward Points.