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Late Pledging FAQ

Late Pledging has been working for a few days, and we have prepared for you the answers to frequently asked questions.


1. If I’m a backer, but I don’t want to order additional miniatures, do I need to register and to use Late Pledging at all?
-No, if you are satisfied with your pledge and don’t want to change anything there, you don’t need to use Late Pledging and it’s not compulsory to register in our Webstore (but it’s recommended by our team, of course).

2. I want to change a set of miniatures, which were ordered on Kickstarter. How can I do this?
-For every backer we have sent a survey, where they need to specify all miniatures (beyond main boxes), which they have ordered on Kickstarter. If you have completed a survey, but want to change your order – you can write us on or contact in Private Messages on Kickstarter or Facebook. Specify your intentions in your message.

3. I want to upgrade my pledge from Core Box to “All-in” Core Box. Is it possible during Late Pledging and how?
-It’s possible. If you have made such decision, you need also to contact us on or in Private Messages on Kickstarter or Facebook. Specify your intentions in your message.

4. When I enter the site I see the prices without a discount. Why?
-If you receive an email with registration data from Signumgame team, but such problem appears, first of all you maybe not logged in. If you already logged in – try ctrl+F5 and log in again, it could be browser cache. If the problem stil wasn’t solved – contact us.

5. The survey that we filled out is where we specify the add-ons if we pledged for them and this is for any add-ons if we didn’t pledge for them during the campaign?
-Yes. In survey you need to specify the Add-ons which you have chosen during Kickstarter campaign. All next staff you will purchase in our webstore is called Late Pledging.

6. When I will receive my order?
-Everything purchased during Late Pledging will be shipped alongside Kickstarter content in November 2018.

7. If I a backer and want to participate in Late Pledging, do I need to pay for shipping again?
-No. Each backer receive a one time use code to avoid second shipping. Check the update #54 for a detailed explanation about using it.

8. Is there any differences in shippings through Kickstarter and Late Pledging?
-It could be a little difference: Core Box shipping difference – $1 All-in shipping difference – $2.6 It caused by the currencies of dollar (our webstore linked to Euro)

8) After I choose my add-ons in PM payment reclaimed to credit card or paypal. Where is the kickstarter option?
-You choose your payment option right on the website. Find the details in the website settings.

9. I don’t see a miniature of Aria in you webstore. How can I purchase it?
-Aria is an exclusive miniature, you can order it only if you are our Early Bird backer. If you are, please write us on, it won’t be appeared on the webstore.

10. When the completion of Late Pledging?
-At the beginning of September. Strict date will be announced later.

11. The shipping code you have sent to me isn’t work.
– If the code isn’t working or you made a mistake by using it – contact us, we will send another code.

12. I haven’t received a message from you yet. What to do?
– First of all – no worries. Have you completed our suevey? If so, check the spambox, message system protection can block this message. If the message still wasn’t appeared, contact us. We will delete you account and you just have to create new account by yourself, we will give this account the permission and appropriate discount.

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