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II-nd Set KS launching on 9-th June at!

Friends, the shipping of “Dragon Hunters” is underway! Meanwhile we have prepared the new Legends of Signum set that is going to be launched on June 9th!

We’re excited to announce our new set for Legends of Signum. “Legends of Signum: the Cursed Forest” will be available on Kickstarter on June.

Two new factions – the spider-like Akkari Elves are up against Alliance of Unicorn – the Forest Elves in unity with Wolfens. New heroes, mechanics, support cards, as well as new buildings and terrains.

And of course, it is fully compatible with “Legends of Signum: Battle for Vallor” and its factions (except for some minor changes to the rules). Similarly to our previous campaigns, the backers who are participants the closed Facebook group will get a special miniature as a gift. Stay tuned for the further news!

Our KS launching on 9-th June at:


7:00 pm


1:00 pm


10:00 am



 The unique miniature Barcia, the Forest Enchantress is a gift to all who back us in the first 8 hours once the campaign is live! (Core Box+)