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The Late Pledging Campaign is now live!

Hello guys,

For those who were unable to participate in our Kickstarter campaign, we finally launched the Late Pledging. The LP campaign has all the items from KS including Add-ons (Plague Doctors and Dragon Hunters) and different Pledge Levels, so you are welcome to participate!

Alliance of the Unicorn Starter Box

Akkari Starter Box

Besides all the contents from Kickstarter, we also have one additional game attribute that was recently added to LP. If you like diverse game maps/zones/battlefields, we have included an alternate game mat to the Backerkit store. Unlike the previous battlefield, this one has two distinct sides, representing Akkari Spider Elves on one side, and the Alliance of Elves and Wolfens on another. Even the smallest details are important, so along with a new game experience we provide in the set, we think it’s great to emphasize the expansion and make even the battlefield look unique and special.

In addition, there’s plenty of brand new miniatures that will be released long after the campaign.

Important for the backers! The Pledge Manager for our backers is also underway. On Backerkit, we collect all the necessary shipping information, though as of today, only 2/3 of the backers completed their surveys, so we still need the rest. If you have any difficulties with using the PM or the survey link still doesn’t arrive, you can always contact us at

Any questions? Please feel free to reach out to us. Have a great rest of the week and stay safe!

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